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go site It has all the latest features, including extra security. This router should maximize your bandwidth and keep your home network running smoothly. The Synology RTac might be the best thing that's ever happened to home networking geeks. Here's CNET's full review. The Asus Blue Cave smart router has style, speed, security and all the customization options you could want, including Amazon Alexa support.

With eight Gigabit LAN ports, top Wi-Fi performance and a ton of features, it's a great router for anyone, including gamers and those with a large home or a small office. The TP-Link Archer C V2 router has everything you want for a better home network, including speed, security and great range. The D-Link DIR dual-band router can transmit data to multiple devices simultaneously, has robust customization and an affordable price. Then there are tri-band routers. These have three radios—one that operates at 2.

These models are a good fit for multi-device households that experience heavy network traffic via lots of video streaming, torrent downloading, file transfers, and online gaming. Wireless Ethernet networks use The most widely used Wi-Fi protocol, It utilizes Multiple Input Multiple Output MIMO technology, which uses several antennas to send and receive up to eight spatial streams, resulting in enhanced performance. It also supports beamforming , a technology that sends Wi-Fi signals directly to a client rather than broadcasting in all directions.

That means up to four clients can have their own data streams instead of waiting in turn to receive data from the router.

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You'll see This designates the theoretical maximum speed of the router. For example, a router that can achieve a maximum link rate of Mbps on the 2. A tri-band AC router gives you Mbps over the 2. It's important to note that routers rarely, if ever, reach these "maximum speeds" in real-world applications, but if you're looking for performance, consider one of the high-speed routers but be prepared to pay a premium.

If you have devices that use an older protocol, such as If you're thinking about buying a new router now, be aware that Wi-Fi 6 is expected to offer peak speeds of up to 4. For more on the benefits of that protocol, check out our primer: What Is Wi-Fi 6? New Wi-Fi Names Explained. Wireless routers come with a variety of features, and as is the case with just about everything, the more features you get, the more you can expect to pay. Having at least one USB port makes it easy to plug in a printer or a USB drive and share it across the network, but with two ports you can do both. Additionally, try to choose a router that offers removable antennas.

If you want to manage how your Wi-Fi network is being used, make sure your next router has parental controls, Quality of Service QoS options, and a guest-network feature. Parental controls allow you to limit network access for certain users to specific times and days and is ideal for parents who want to keep tabs on their child's online gaming and social networking activities. A guest network lets you offer Wi-Fi connectivity to guests without leaving your entire network vulnerable.

In a nutshell, you're creating a separate network for guests with a Service Set Identifier SSID and password that are different from your main network credentials. This lets your guests connect to the Internet, but doesn't give them access to your files, printers, and other connected devices.

With QoS settings, you can decide which applications and clients get network priority. For example, if one device is streaming Netflix video, and another device is downloading files or running a print job, you can give priority to the streaming device to avoid choppy, out-of-sync video. Almost all routers offer several forms of security. IPv4 is a bit addressing scheme that before long will run out of addresses due to the number of devices connecting to the internet. IPv6 is a bit scheme that will offer an almost infinite number of IP addresses.

Most current routers have built-in support for IPv6 addressing, but it's a good idea to verify this if you want to be ready for the transition when IPv4 finally does hit the wall. Like anything else, router pricing is based on performance and features.

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A basic, single-band Fast throughput speeds, good range, easy setup and manageability, a solid feature set, and, of course, fair pricing are what make a top router. These 10 recently reviewed routers span the range of pricing and strike the best balance among all our criteria right now. That changes every month as we're continually testing routers and updating this story. For the latest reviews, visit the router product guide.

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If you live in a large or multiple-story home, you may have Wi-Fi "dead zones. An easy way to solve this, without the hassle of running long cords around your home, is a wireless range extender , which will pick up your router's Wi-Fi signal, amplify it, and rebroadcast it. They come in both desktop and plug-in variations, and are relatively easy to install.

They do have limitations, though: The rebroadcasted signal is typically half the strength of what you get from your main router, and they create a separate network that makes seamless roaming through your home difficult. If a range extender doesn't do the trick, consider overhauling your network with a Wi-Fi mesh system.

This technology offers an easy way to blanket your home in Wi-Fi without the need for additional wiring, range extenders, or access points.

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They utilize extension nodes, or satellites, to extend your Wi-Fi signal across a larger area than most routers are capable of. Depending on the number of nodes in the system you choose, you can spread a consistent internet connection across as much as 4, to 6, square feet of space.

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ASUS Wireless AC Dual-Band Gigabit Router (RT-AC86U) TP-LINK AC Wireless Tri-Band Gigabit Router (Archer C) Linksys MU-MIMO Max-Stream Wireless AC Dual-Band Gigabit Smart Router (EACA). Find computer networking solutions at Best Buy Canada. Our wide selection includes wired & wireless routers, modems, networking cables & more!.

Satellites in a Wi-Fi mesh system are all part of the same network and provide seamless connectivity as you roam throughout the house, and they do not usually require any configuration or management beyond a few taps on a free associated mobile app. A number of the solutions in this category support high-end features like guest networking, device prioritization, parental controls, and MU-MIMO, but because Wi-Fi mesh systems are designed to be simple, in most cases you won't be able to access the same kind of in-depth settings you can on routers.

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Up to 7. Delivery will be next business day. Connect With Us facebook twitter pinterest instagram youtube rss feeds. Sort by: Robust features and management settings. Luckily, help came to the rescue in the form of cheap options for internet, such as a Walmart-refurbished router.

For that reason, power users and compulsive tinkerers might not love Wi-Fi mesh systems, but for everyone else who finds network setup intimidating, these are among the friendliest and most innovative options you can find today. You'll find a list of our favorite routers below.

Once you've found the right one, read our tips for setting up your router and boosting your Wi-Fi signal. Or if you're a gamer, you'll want to take a look at our roundup of the best gaming routers. Speedy throughput performance. Lots of gamer-friendly features.

Eight LAN ports. Slick user interface. Huge footprint. Middling file-transfer speeds.

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Speedy 60GHz throughput. Excellent 5GHz performance. Very fast file-transfer speeds. Very expensive. Lacks detailed Quality of Service QoS settings. Easy to install. Four LAN ports.