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79¢ Alpo Dog Food at Bi-lo! Nowhere on the Alpo website, however, is it stated exactly where all of that meat comes from. It is also worth noting that Alpo has been affected by one significant recall in recent history — this recall took place in Here are the details for that recall:. Alpo products are sold in most pet store chains — you may also be able to find them in discount stores an even grocery stores as well as from online pet food retailers. You may be able to find Alpo dog food coupons from individual retailers. What many dog owners love about the Alpo brand is that it is very affordable.

You have to keep in mind, however, that the lower the price of a product, the lower the quality is likely to be — this certainly seems to be the case for the Alpo brand. You can purchase The Alpo brand is known primarily for its wet food recipes, though there are a few options for dry food and dog treats. Dry Products: Alpo is primarily a wet food brand, though they do offer a limited selection of dry products — two, to be exact.

Here are the dry food recipes Alpo has to offer:.

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We decided to try the ALPO Chop House wet food. When we opened the can, it actually looked like real food. And as soon as Abby got a whiff, she started. Shop Alpo and save instantly with our coupons (that actually work). 5% off various Alpo wet or dry dog food products when you redeem this coupon at.

Canned Products: Though Alpo does offer a limited selection of dry recipes, most of their products are wet or soft. Alpo also offers four lines of wet products. Here is a list of the wet food products Alpo has to offer:. Alpo Dog Treats: In addition to offering an assortment of wet food options and several dry food products, Alpo also has several lines of dog treats.

The Twist-Ables line of treats combines two meaty flavors in one savory treat and the Variety Snaps line features four flavors in every crunchy bite. Here is a list of the dog treats Alpo has to offer:. A quick review of their products reveals, however, that most of these meat flavors are artificial and the meat used in their products comes from unnamed, mostly low-quality sources.

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The shelves were full 2 days ago so I came home and researched. When you see meat and bone meal in a food product, that means the food product contains dried animal tissues, including bone, hair, hoof, horn, hide trimmings, manure, stomach, and rumen contents. Thank u very much! These supplements are not chelated, however, so your dog will not be able to absorb most of them. What many dog owners love about the Alpo brand is that it is very affordable. You can also just email me to share a good find or even say "Hello!

It is marketed as a hearty, flavorful recipe loaded with crunchy texture and savory beef flavor. According to the brand website, this recipe is no ordinary dry dog food — it contains high-quality protein and 23 added vitamins and minerals, including calcium to give your dog strong bones ad joints. For one thing, no quality food lists anything other than protein as the first ingredient. Furthermore, corn is a low-quality grain for dogs because it is difficult to digest, limited in terms of nutritional value, and there is a very real risk that is could trigger food allergies or sensitivities.

This recipe also contains soybean meal which is a potential allergen as well as a plant-based source of protein. Meat and bone meal is a questionable ingredient for a number of reasons. For one thing, it is an unnamed source of protein which means that you have no idea where it comes from.

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Furthermore, unnamed proteins vary greatly in quality from one batch to another so you really have no idea what kind of quality this ingredient has to offer. This recipe also contains corn gluten meal which is a plant-based protein. Because it is a corn-based ingredient and a plant protein, corn gluten meal offers very limited nutritional value and bioavailability for dogs.

The main source of fat in this recipe is beef tallow — it is also likely the main source of flavor in this recipe, though egg and chicken flavor also appears on the ingredients list. Beef tallow is an inexpensive and low-quality fat commonly used in pet foods.

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This recipe also includes numerous artificial additives such as colors and flavors, plus it is made with numerous synthetic supplements. These supplements are likely required to ensure nutritional balance because there are very few natural sources of quality nutrition included in this recipe.

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These supplements are not chelated, however, so your dog will not be able to absorb most of them. The first ingredient in this recipe is a carbohydrate and a corn-based ingredient at that — plus, the only source of animal protein comes from an unnamed source. Alpo also notes that this recipe features 23 essential vitamins and minerals, plus it features beef as the main attraction. If you take a moment to actually read the information on the label, however, you will find that many of these claims are not quite true.

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For example, this recipe is marketed as a beef-based food but chicken is the main source of protein. Furthermore, chicken is followed by meat by-products and an unnamed source of liver before the first beef-based ingredient is even mentioned.

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The fact that chicken is listed as the main ingredient second to water used for processing is a good thing for this recipe, but things go quickly downhill. Not only are the meat by-products used in this recipe from an unnamed source, but so is the liver. Shopping List Help — Need help on how to use the shopping list feature?

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