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The worker stated that their procedure is to document it on the invoice.

This is the same invoice that they create after the service is done and is given to the customer after they pay the bill. I changed my car batteries after advice from a Jiffy Lube associate even though the original battery did not have any major issue. There was a minor delayed cranking before the Car started that the associated attributed to a Battery issue. The original battery lasted 6 years and the car never had to be jump started. This new battery lasted only 1 year and 25 days. It had to be jump started twice after the 1 year mark. They install inferior batteries that only last the lifetime of the warranty and has only that much Acid inside to last that long.

After the 1 year mark they do not support and just say Sorry. Absolutely no customer service for a dissatisfied customer. For more information about reviews on ConsumerAffairs. I took my car to Jiffy Lube for an oil change and two days later when I started driving my car it stopped in the middle of the road. I have never had an issue before with my car. Took the car to service by a dealership and was told that Jiffy Lube put the wrong oil in my car and had to pay again for them to pull the oil and do a new oil change.

I went back to Jiffy Lube to get at least refunded for their stupidity and they refused. They have messed my car up and will pay for it. The pricing I used above is including labor in most shops locally. Trust is the big factor for me, and I will be thinking twice before visiting Jiffy Lube again. I was very lucky that I did not figure in an accident and made my way to my office and half-way through the parking area my car totally died out.

Around 10am my colleagues who were knowledgeable with car mechanics helped me check what had happened with the car and found out that the hood pole melted on the positive transmission of the battery.

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Find a Jiffy Lube® in SALT LAKE CITY, UT now. 15 Coupons Available We pioneered the industry by providing fast, convenient oil change services back in. Find Utah oil change locations and print Jiffy Lube oil change coupons. Lindon, Saratoga Springs, Highland (Alpine), Orem, Provo, Springville, Cedar City.

Apparently, the Jiffy Lube guy who changed the oil on my car did not properly place the pole hood properly so when the car was running it was displaced and landed on the battery. I bought this car sometime June and never had issue with this car, I drove it from home to work and on one occasion to Orlando miles from Gainesville and I never had any problem.

I contacted Jiffy Lube directly and told them what happened and after their manager took a look at the car they decided that it was not their fault since the pole hood holder was broken in the first place. Now this claim is contentious because if it were broken before I brought the car to their service station I would have experienced this issue long time ago.

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Most likely what happened is the repair guy broke the pole hood holder while he was doing something with the car and did not advise me. Since they will not own up to their negligence or lend partial support to fix the issue I have filed an official complaint to the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. Currently checking with my lawyer due to life endangerment due to their lackluster service. Avoid going to Jiffy Lube if you can, there are other more reliable and competent service centers around. They will just leave you hanging in the air something happens to your car due to their negligence.

I arrived at Jiffy Lube to a seeming nice gentleman saying he would get my oil change done as soon as they could, this was the ONLY good experience from this facility. After telling them I only wanted a basic oil change this same gentleman proceed to argue with me about what I previously put into my car and how what I'm choosing to put in now isn't good for it I really wish this was my only issue with Jiffy Lube but it isn't. After they were done the oil change they asked me to come out to discuss my level from the tests they ran Tests which I did not ask for nor did I consent to them doing.

According to them I needed a new battery, new windshield blades, new filters with the whole song and dance about how it is bad for you and for your car , all my fluids were extremely low and my tires needed to be replaced At this point I am beyond annoyed and call my husband because all I wanted was a basic oil change. I explain what they are wanting me to pay for knowing full well I will not be paying for any of that. He proceeds to tell the guy where to go and he shot back, "Well if your car breaks don't call us Moral of this review go to Canadian Tire, get the oil and a new filter and do it yourself..

My husband and I went to Jiffy Lube for a rear drum brake job, and left with misdiagnosed oversized drums, which they tried to blame on my master cylinder, and no hydraulic pressure, which I assumed was from the brake line that they cut. I picked up my car, and almost crashed in their parking lot. They have only refunded me what I had paid in their services, but that doesn't include the tows, and extra repairs, such as the line bleed. I am also banned from Jiffy Lube. Took my car in for ONLY oil and filter change. As usual, I refused to purchase new air filter.

As I wait, I notice several customers are getting new radiator caps.

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Super ATV Coupon. A week later the same thing. I am dumbfounded by how awful your service is and I will never be back. Sign Up. Summit Racing Coupon. I wonder how many people they scammed with this deal.

Radiator caps? That's strange. Then, manager shows me MY radiator cap. Says it failed their pressure test.

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Well they chose the wrong person to pull that trick on. I know cars, and I know radiator caps. And I knew my like knew radiator cap was not bad. They shrugged to indicate I was making a terrible mistake for not buying their new cap. After I left, I checked the radiator cap - it was fine and held pressure as it should.

OK, maybe their test equipment was faulty and they were not aware. That is not likely. But otherwise, they were just scamming their customers. So I usually do my own maintenance on my vehicle for this reason. I have the flu and my truck needed an oil change, I had already bought the oil and filter. So when I left the doctor's office there was a Jiffy Lube across the street. I asked if they could repair my driver rear tire, that my engine light was lite and wasn't and that my trans fluid was low. Well after my oil change, I asked if my tire was repaired and the tech started they didn't do that and I could go to Discount Tire.

I asked if my trans fluid was filled and the man stated yes. Well on the print out it stated low for trans fluid and not fluid added. I noticed they never filled that trans fluid. The only good part was going to Discount Tire for new tires but I had to get trans fluid from O'Reilly and fill my own trans fluid. This is the second time they didn't stop off fluids. Last time my brake fluid was low and never filled it.

We're more than just an oil change.

I will never go back to Jiffy Lube and you are lucky my car never had a problem due to your inept service. You are overpriced and do not provide a good service.

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I am dumbfounded by how awful your service is and I will never be back. I went to Jiffy Lube recently and asked for an oil change only. I was charged dollars which is outrageously exorbitant. All kinds of unnecessary services were added, possibly to pad bill.

Some of these added services included "checking windshield washer fluid level, checking light bulbs" just to name a few. Terrible business model. Do not use. My daughter brought my car here the begin of Nov. She Paid Store Manager would not even phone me and let me know where I stand. Thank you to Heartland Automotive, They Jumped in and got my engine replace and sadly that engine was knocking after just a few days. They sent my car back to the same shop. They use a individual shop for their engine replacement and then second engine blew, that is what the Mechanic told me.

Jiffy Lube is standing by their claim it was my starter.

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They had given me a rental, but later retro canceled it without notice. VERY disappointed with my entire experience. I'm serious when it comes to reviews. I've been waiting for this moment for a long time. Here is my review of the Jiffy Lube. I went in for an oil change and afterwards I was harassed about fixing everything else that was wrong with my car. I told him to give me my car keys or I would call the police.

There I said it. I felt awful and I felt taken advantage of. Go to Midas instead. I told the Midas guy what happened and he said; "Oh no.

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We don't do that, we give you a list of what's wrong with your vehicle and it's up to you if you wanna fix it or not. Last year my husband took our Ford pickup to Jiffy Lube before he stored it for the winter. In April of this year he went to get it out of storage and all the oil was on the floor so we took it to our regular mechanic. He found that they had cross threaded the oil pan plug and it could not be repaired.

Jiffy Lube mgmt sent the request for reimbursement into corporate in May They do NOT stand behind their work. My wife took her car to Jiffy Lube after I warned her it wasn't a good idea. I had a previous bad experience there. A week after her oil change she noticed her oil light come on so she put more oil in.

A week later the same thing. The following week she put in more oil twice in one week before saying something to me. I told her that doesn't sound right so went out and checked. As soon as I looked under the car I could see the oil dripping off of the oil filter. I reached under and was able to tighten it at least a full turn.

No more oil leak. I can't believe a professional business would make such a simple mistake. You are better off taking it to a place that employs mechanics. I went to Jiffy Lube for an oil change. The technician told me they had a special. For a few more dollars I could get a free oil change and three car wash tickets.

When I checked out I asked them where was my free oil change. I questioned them why I was still being charged for the oil change if it was free. I called the corporate office. A store manager called me and told me that there was no free oil change but two free car washes. He also told me if I brought the car wash tickets back to the store he would adjust my bill. I wonder how many people they scammed with this deal. HR-V Honda Hi there There was a mistake in the emission paperwork given to me.

Can you please make sure the new one is correct? I spent gas and the emission fees. Should be covered by Jiffy Lube. Time in 8: I stopped in to have a couple exterior lights replaced, a tire rotation, windshield wipers replaced, and of course an oil change. After having four people doing what they do, oil changes.

I watched them try different screwdrivers Before the man came to talk with me. The hood is down there cleaning and taking off their mats from my vehicle, so the oil change's done. One starts to change the windshield wipers. The light is still on, Another says oops I have to put this back on. Good, good job for taking the initiative and reinstalling the part that was removed from my vehicle, thank you. The young man cannot get it Reinstalled. He asks his boss for help and tells him that he can not get it screwed back on.

His boss says OK, and never comes to help him or addressed the situation with him. His boss is billing somebody out. So I waited patiently for the customer to leave the building and I spoke up and asked the boss what was going on with my vehicle. There have been for guys trying to get on a part, what part was it that he is having trouble with? He said he was just about to go find out. I said thank you as he is going to walk out the door. It is belittling! I was just about to go see what the problem is! What, me asking a question about my vehicle while there are four young men trying to get something back on to my vehicle.

Then walks away quickly. Angie the cashier, she was pleasant with me. So an oil change, windshield wiper blade and a Manager having horrible customer service. Time out 9: The manager spoke to me and repeated the same thing without checking or anything. I went in to have an oil change. Two months later my car loses power on the highway at 55 mph. After having the car towed to the dealership and a costly diagnostic, I was informed that one quart of oil too much was put into the car. I filed a complaint with corporate, who contacted their franchisee to resolve the issue.

The owner, Mark phones and says that he wants to speak with the dealership before he makes a decision. Three days later I phone him for him to explain that they are denying the claim. Go to Jiffy Lube Kensington, MD at your own risk and know that they will not be responsible for any damage they cause to your vehicle and you will get to pay for both the oil change and the damage they cause.

These guys are very reasonable as …. I had a really great time at this location. The service was awesome staff was friendly and the coffee was good. I recently had a signature oil service with the complete oil flush. I also had my coolant topped off. Due to their hastiness and not thorough servic…. They didn't know how to use there emission machine, and told me my car failed.

They are pathetic. Lost my business for life!!!!!! Website Directions Video More Info. Website Make an Appointment More Info. Trans-A-Matic Inc. Add to mybook Remove from mybook Added to your car collection!